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Castor Ailsworth District Gardeners' Society

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Sweet peas still very prolific.
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What a difference 2 months makes, beautiful photos.
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Could not do justice to Emily’s beautiful long portraits photos. The coral standard geranium is grown from a cutting from Arthur Chilvers years ago.
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The Peony didn’t fail to perform. Waiting for the follow up photo of the rose.
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Fabulous planting and not a hole in sight on the Hosta! ...
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Impressive climbers and colour
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Looking forward to the follow up photo of peony in full flower.
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Veg plot well under way, heron on his morning rounds of the village.
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Stunning photos from Ann of their beautiful garden in April. Can you spot the ducks.
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Lots of colour in the garden in April even in the lawn!
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Susan & David have been very busy adding raised beds to their beautiful garden.
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Blossom And flowers around the village in April
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Photos provided by Susan Edwards.
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36 people enjoyed a trip to Dorset staying overnight at a hotel in Bournemouth.
On our way south we called into RHS Wisley where we enjoyed a few hours wandering around these interesting gardens.
On day two we had some free time in Weymouth before visiting the sub tropical gardens at Abbotsbury.
Before travelling home on day three we spent the morning at Compton Acres gardens close to Bournemouth with a lunch time stop at Poole harbour before travelling home to Ailsworth .
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Guest speaker at the 2018 AGM talking about Bees & Beekeeping
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Tubs planted and maintained by the Garden Society
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The purple crocus is the symbol of Rotary International's 20 year campaign
to end Polio in the world. This has been a joint exercise with the World
Health Organisation and UNICEF. In the last 12 months there have only been a
handful of cases report worldwide in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. The
rest of the world is now Polio free.

The 10.000 bulbs that we planted were purchased through Rotary with the
purchase price going straight to the Rotary Polio Campaign. The cost was met
by CASPRA and the bulbs were planted by a total of 23 volunteers made up of
vilaage gardeners and Rotarians, so it was a true community effort.

The close planting in the four locations chosen in the villages should
produce a real splashes of colour around late winter/early spring and be an
ongoing reminder of the 'END POLIO' campaign.

Many thanks to all that took part in this extremely worthy project and we
hope to be able to announce that Polio has been eradicated from the world in
the very near future.

If you would like further information please go to the Rotary International
website and enter END POLIO.
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A move of venue to the church certainly did not detract from a fabulous show with many entries.
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Click on image to see full view of a few of our worthy cup winners and a small selection of entries.
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A very enjoyable evening or afternoon vsit to Alwalton Manor House Gardens gardens.
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Members of the garden Society joined in gamely with the parade
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